Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome :)

Hello and welcome to my blog,

I never considered having a blog before, but I have come to a point where I think having one for at least the next month of my life will be useful for myself and others. For one, I like to journal, but rarely make the time to do it. Also, taking this trip to Haiti has a few people worried, so the fact that anyone can check up on me whenever they want, it seems it may be an easy way to keep everyone up to date.

The plans stand at this: I will depart for Port-au-Prince, Haiti on Tuesday, October 7th, and will be returning home on Tuesday, November 4th.

The first chunk of my trip will be spent with an organization known as Clean Water for Haiti (CWH), which is located in Pierre Payen, Haiti (you can check them out at For the week of Oct. 26th, I will be spending my time with the group Engineers Without Borders (EWB) from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

Last year, I travelled to Milot, Haiti for the initial EWB project assessment trip. The group of students visiting this year will be in Milot for one week, and I will be traveling north to work with them during their stay (Milot is located 12 miles south of Cap-Haitian...for you map lovers). With EWB-NJIT, we are working on a project similar to that of CWH's, which involves a clean water technology known as a biosand filter (you can learn all about biosand filters at CWH's website if you are interested).

Please excuse all of the acronyms, I promise, I do not work for the government.

I think that's about all for now. You can check in sometime after Oct. 7th, and I should have some updates for you...letting you know that I'm alive and well. I know I can post pictures too, so I'm hoping they will spice up my posts.

Please say a prayer that my trip down goes smoothly :). Thanks for reading.


ketou said...

I made it here first yeahhhhhhh. On another note, good luck to you Owen. I know it takes a lot of courage to embark on such a journey and I admire you for that. I will keep checking, so keep us posted and hopefully I can be of help. Take care.

Owen said...

Hey Ketline,
Thanks for your encouragement. I won't have my #1 translator this will I survive without you? Let me know if you head down to visit your family. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Owen - hollie and i were checking out your blog after hearing about it - good luck on the trip and we will try to keep up with all of your adventures - ant

Anonymous said...

Hey Owe,

Me and the kids will be checking regularly on their Manny's whereabouts and happenings. Be safe. Have fun!
Meegs, Austin and Ally

Anonymous said...

Hey Owen,
It was great to talk to you yesterday. We are all so proud of you. I always knew you were destined for great things. Remember, adventure is one thing and smart is another. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

We love you,
A.Colleen, Karen, Nora, Julia

Litmcs said...

Owen, we are so proud of all you do and will look forward to following your amazing journey in helping others ~ although we will miss you. Have a safe and wonderful trip. Love, Main Street Manasquan

celine said...

don't we all work for the government?

Grace said...

Owen always thought you were a special person - keep up the good work and be safe. God Bless You