Thursday, October 9, 2008

Steel, steel, and more steel

Hello hello,

In order to make these concrete biosand filters I've been talking about, you need a steel mold to pour the concrete into (just like pouring jello into a jello mold, except this mold is a big hunk of steel about 4 feet in previous post). The more molds you have, the more filters you can a lot of organizations purchase molds from CWH, so they're always making molds.

This morning, I learned how to cut steel with a plasma cutter so that the pieces could be assembled into a mold. They take a big sheet of steel, then cut all the mold pieces out of it like a cookie cutter, except you want to do it so that there is hardly any waste, because steel is significantly more expensive than leftover cookie dough :) (plus we don't have the capability of balling up the leftovers and rolling it out to make more steel sheets).

But, instead of cutting steel all day, I shifted gears and hopped on the computer to use AutoCAD (drafting software) and figure out a way to minimize waste and the number of cuts made on each sheet. There are quite a few molds to be made, so I figured this would be a better use of my time...and it will save the mission some money :).

It's been years since I've used AutoCAD...I love this program :).
That's all for now. I'm going to see if I can go for a swim before dinner is ready.


celine said...

ohhh...AutoCAD...the lifeline of the engineer :)

(surprisingly I learned about this program -- not how to use it, just about it -- a few years ago when I was taking alt route teaching classes with teachers who taught other subjects. one guy had been an engineer and was teaching math and engineering classes at a HS)

Anonymous said...

I'm a stalker... Leslies stalker.. I'm glad to here you are there to help!


ketou said...

True engineering thinking....NJIT taught us well. lol.I'm glad you made it alright, and that you feel comfortable. Beautiful beach in the background. Have you learned a few creole words yet? lol.

ketou said...

Oh I forgot the most important thing! I'll be in haiti for 2 days 10/25 &10/26, and I will do my best to visit. I couldnt stay away, lol. what number can I use to reach you? you can shoot me an e-mail.

Mom said...

Hi Owen,
Glad to hear all is well. I know that you will enjoy every minute of your Haitian experience. Thanks for the photos - You look great!
Talk to you soon.
Love You,

Owen said...

Celine: If you ever get a chance to play with AutoCAD, take it :). While it is exhausting to focus on little details on a computer screen all day, today I was accused of being addicted to it, ha ha.

Anonymous V: Welcome to my blog, thanks for the encouragement :).

Ketline: Believe it or not, I learned AutoCAD at Middlesex County College, not NJIT, ha ha. Oh, I'll get the mission phone number and send it to you, I'll still be in Pierre Payen at that time, so definitely give a call.

Mom: I look the same as when I left home 4 days ago :)...thank you Mom, love you.

Robert Certo said...

dear owen, i roll balls of steel up with my bare hands all the time... you really need to start eating your wheaties!

glad your safe and doing well. keep up the blog and all the good work! we need more owens in the world--specially ones who share their pictures and stories.


Owen said...

That is the exact reason why we can't roll up and recycle scrap steel, because we don't have Wheaties here :). Actually, I don't know if they do or not, the only cereal I've had so far is a Cheerio knock-off.

Robert Certo said...

happy Os?

Owen said...

Very funny, Bob.