Sunday, July 12, 2009

Safe in Mali

Ok, I only have a second, but I just wanted to quickly let everyone know that I arrived safely in Mali, Africa on Friday, July 10th, 2009. Training keeps us and will continue to keep us very busy, but I will post when I can. For those that don't know, I joined the Peace Corps, and will be living/working in Mali, West Africa for the next 27 months working on a water sanitation project. The initial 9 weeks is all training, but I do have some internet access during this time, so check back soon.

Thanks for checking in on me :).


Aimee said...

Cant believe your already in Mali! Miss you already and good luck with training :)

Robert Certo said...

glad you made it safely. i'm sure you'll do great. looking forward to reading about training!

bobby certo

Angela said...

You know darn well I'm checking in on a daily basis! Glad you're safely there...btw, check out Timbuktu for me :)

Dave said...

Jeanine, Anthony and I say hello. Glad to hear your there safe, now keep it that way.