Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heading to my host family

So, first I just want to thank everyone for the comments and e-mails, it's really nice to get onto the computer and have notes from people, so Thank You.

Ok, now for the good stuff...I'm heading out tomorrow morning to move in with my host family (I just found out the village a couple hours ago), and I'm really excited about the group I'm going to be with. There are a few guys that I'll be with for language training that are super light-hearted, and I think the comic relief will be much needed!

I may not have internet for 11 days while I'm with I'm at "homestay", but I'll be here back at the training center afterward for 3 days, so I'll try and give an update them. This will be total immersion, going to live with a family that only speaks Bambara (the language I am learning), and I don't speak Bambara, so it should be quite challenging! You're prayers are welcome and appreciated!


Aimee said...

Bambara! Awesome Owen cant wait to hear all about your host family. You'll most certainly be in our prayers...be safe. Love you :)

Angela said...

You're in our prayers everyday from the time you left and will stay there until you're home. "Good night sweet Jesus..."

Erin said...

Hi Owen,

Great to hear that you have arrived safely and things seem to be going well so far. Good luck learning Bambara and with all of your training. I am eager to hear about your experiences and I hope you are enjoying your time in Mali!


Anonymous said...

Hey Owen,
Thanks for the e-mail and I just found your blog today. I spoke with your Mom and Dad this weekend down at Grandma's and we've discussed some of the things we'll send you. I know it takes a while to receive the stuff, but it will give you some "goodies" to look forward to.
Know that you are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers each day.
God bless you, Owen.

Love, A.Colleen

Anonymous said...

Hi Owen

I see you have a Sweetwater T-shirt on. Good advertisement but I don't think we do any construction in Mali. Take care of yourself and stay well.