Saturday, February 27, 2010

A quick update...

Ok, I was hoping to give you all a grand update, but it seems that I've spent too much of my computer time doing Peace Corps stuff as well as answering e-mails from almost two months ago...I really am trying!

So, I'm about to head back to site now, but I will say that I'm really excited about getting back because of all the things I have lined up to get started. I completed a water sanitation baseline survey of every family in my village, and it opened quite a bit of conversation of what the current conditions of my village are...and what their greatest needs are. One of the first things I am addressing is the lack of latrines. For a village of about 425 people, there are only 4 latrines. So, as you can imagine, open defecation is a serious problem.

To give you a quick rundown of my current project plans...
- Latrines

- Soakpits (sorry, I'll explain later...or you can look them up)

- Animal trough for pump wastewater (cows crowd around the pumps to drink wastewater around the I want to pipe the wastewater into a trough AWAY from the pump area)

- 2 Community deep wells (there are 10 wells in my village, all of them are dry year round...even in the rainy season...but they don't know how to dig deep wells without them caving in on them. They get all their water from the hand pumps, and WHEN they break, they travel long distances to neighboring villages to fetch water)

- Community women's garden with a deep well (since the wells are dry, there are no gardens, and therefore no vegetables...if we dig a well and create a community garden around it...with a fence...people can then grow vegetables, improve their diets and nourish their children as well as sell vegetables in the market and make a profit...I'm really excited about getting this one going)

- Construct an incinerator at a clinic in the next town over (the clinic burns all of their bloody garbage in an open addition, there are loads of needles from vaccinations that are all shipped to another town 50km (30+ miles) away that has an incinerator...long story short, the clinic NEEDS an incinerator :)

- Ok there's a bunch of other things but I can't type them right now because I have to go catch a bus to take a nice hot, gross, dirty, dusty 3-5 hour bus ride to my banking town.

My new djembe!

I'm sitting eating breakfast in my banking town...these are "cart" guys waiting for someone to need a hand cart

These guys are all over my hut...they look scary, but there not :).
What? You don't work in your garden and fetch water with a baby strapped to your back?

Another garden shot...I hope to have something like this in my village soon enough!

As ALWAYS, thanks for checking in! Love Owen.


Matriarch said...

Owen, we are so proud of you. Was the goat as good as venison?
Kathy & Harry S

Stephanie said...

Owen.. You take some seriously great pictures!!

PS- When you take pictures of insects you need to try and get something near it (like a coin) so you can show everyone how big everything is!! Cause in the right macro mode I can fake pictures too.. ha ha..
But speaking of spiders, did you eat the spider legs? And if so, did they taste like hairy french fries?

Owen said...

Hi, my name is Owen Fitz too! You seem pretty cool. Do u like live in Africa or something? I don't see may people with our name. :)

Owen Fitz

Owen said...

Hi, my name is Owen Fitz too! You seem pretty cool. Do u like live in Africa or something? I don't see may people with our name. :)

Owen Fitz