Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's Official

Ok, I only have a few seconds to make this post because I'm about to head out to my site...where I'll be for the next two years, crazy! But, it is official, I am now Peace Corps Volunteer and not just a Trainee :). On Thursday, Sept. 10th, the entire group of trainees went to the American Embassy and were officially sworn in as PCV's. Afterward there was a party at the American Club (an oasis for Americans living in Mali...complete with a swimming pool and cheeseburgers!).

I have tons of pictures from the swear-in ceremony, and I attempted hooking up my camera to upload at least one...but as I was about to plug in the cable to the computer...I got zapped to the point of almost dropping my camera! to follow!

I have to go! Thank you again to everyone who left me posts. I love you all.


Angela said...

Yeah Owen! We found Mali on our Wii weather channel and the kids love to check and see what kind of weather you're having. Can't wait to see the pics. Hope you ate your fair share of the cheeseburgers :)

Diane Wood said...

Congratulations on your "promotion"! I hope you stuck some of those cheeseburgers in your pocket for later! I am sending you a couple of boxes of stuff. I have never been conventional, so there's no explaining what I put in those boxes, but distribute as you see fit. I'm waiting for your Mom to give me your address.

Diane Wood said...

Condolences on your Grandmom's passing. Saw alot of old friends there. Congrats on your PCV Title.

Do we call you "SIR" now?

Diane Wood said...

PS: The above was from Paul!

Doug said...

Very sorry about your geandmother. Congrats on your promotion!